PETROCHEMICAL PARTNER is a team of qualified specialists who are constantly searching and studying the market of manufacturers. Regularly taking part in conferences and exhibitions, our experts are aware of all innovations in the field of production of chemical reagents. We offer the products of manufacturers from the USA, Europe, India, China, Malaysia, Russia and other CIS countries with whom we already established a good cooperation.
ORGANIZATION Petrochemical Partner

of reservation of the required volume of products in the manufacturers’ warehouses.

VARIANTS Petrochemical Partner

of deliveries from several countries based on the customer’s preference.

GUARANTEE Petrochemical Partner

of best quality, approved by all necessary certificates from manufacturing plants.

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ABILITY Petrochemical Partner

to test product samples in any laboratories around the world at the customer's request.

ACCURACY Petrochemical Partner

in execution of contracts and following of timelines.

POSSIBILITY Petrochemical Partner

of storage in warehouses on the territory of the nearest countries, in case of emergency deliveries in a short time.